11:14 (2003)

Feature Film | Thriller | USA/Canada | English | 1h26m
Dir: Greg Marcks | Scr: Greg Marcks | Ph: Shane Hurlbut | Prod: Beau Flynn & John Morrissey | Mus: Clint Mansell | Ed: Dan Lebental & Richard Nord | PD: Devorah Herbert | AD: Macie Vener | Snd: Mike Le Mare | Cast: Henry Thomas, Barbara Hershey, Hilary Swank, Shawn Hatosy, Colin Hanks, Patrick Swayze, Rachael Leigh Cook, Clark Gregg, Blake Heron, Stark Sands, Ben Foster

Five interconnecting tales of tomfoolery, skulduggery, and downright nastiness converge at the titular time, in Marcks’s intelligently assembled, intricately plotted, and thoroughly entertaining thriller. A drunk driver mistakenly believes that he has hit and killed a pedestrian; three teenaged friends, out causing mischief, hit a classmate with their van; a man disposes of a corpse, believing his daughter to be guilty of its murder; a convenience store clerk with money troubles convinces a co-worker to allow him to rob the store; and a teenaged girl’s graveyard sexual dalliance turns grisly.