Where Is My Friend's House? (1987)

Feature Film
Original Title: خانه دوست کجاست؟
Writer/Director: Abbas Kiarostami
Cinematographer: Farhad Saba
Composer: Amine Allah Hessine
Cast: Babek Ahmadpour, Ahmad Ahmadpour, Kheda Barech Defai, Rafia Difai, Akbar Mouradi, Kadiret Kaoiyen Poor, Nader Ghoulami

A young boy (the remarkable Babek Ahmedpour) mistakenly takes his school chum’s exercise book home with him, and, knowing that said friend is on the brink of expulsion, goes to the neighbouring village in search of his house, the address of which he doesn’t know, in Kiarostami’s simple, heart-warming, and soul-strokingly beautiful masterpiece. Iain.Stott