Buy It Now (2005)

Feature Film
Writer/Director: Antonio Campos
Cinematographer: T. Sean Durkin
Cast: Chelsea Logan, Rosemarie DeWitt, Christopher McCann, Tiffany Yaraghi, Stacy Jordan

Essentially two short films - one titled Documentary and the other Narrative - telling the same story of a 16-year-old girl who sells her virginity on eBay, during a long, boring summer holiday: Documentary - tells the story in the form of a faux-documentary, but is never even vaguely credible, as it works its way through a check list of teenage problems, and is quite easily forgettable; Narrative - uses a more traditional form of storytelling, and is much more compelling, getting right under the surface of its harrowing tale with long, uncompromising takes, signalling Campos to be someone who may well go on to bigger and better things. Iain.Stott