It's in the Bag! (1945)

Highly Recommended
Feature Film
Director: Richard Wallace
Writers: Jay Dratler, Alma Reville, Fred Allen, Lewis R. Foster
Cinematographer: Russell Metty
Composer: Werner Heymann
Cast: Fred Allen, Jack Benny, William Bendix, Binnie Barnes, Robert Benchley, Jerry Colonna, John Carradine, Gloria Pope, William Terry, Minerva Pious, Dickie Tyler, Sidney Toler

An eccentric former-millionaire, just before being murdered, hides his final $300,000 and evidence pointing towards his killers in one of five identical chairs, which his grand nephew and heir (a flea circus ringmaster) precedes to desperately search for, whilst doing his best to evade the attentions of the police and his great uncle’s killers, in this brilliantly written, deftly performed, and expertly timed and paced comedy, which proves to be, with its cast to die for, an impeccably crafted, near-perfect piece of entertainment. Iain.Stott