Casque d'Or (1952)

Highly Recommended
Feature Film
Original Title: Casque d'or
Director: Jacques Becker
Writers: Jacques Becker, Jacques Companéez
Cinematographer: Robert Lefebvre
Composer: Georges Van Parys
Cast: Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani, Claude Dauphin, Raymond Bussières, William Sabatier, Claude Castaing

After killing a man in a knife fight, a simple carpenter attempts to start a new life with a prostitute that he has fallen for, but when an old friend is implicated in the killing he feels obliged to turn himself in, leaving his beloved Marie in the hands of the duplicitous gangster who orchestrated the whole sordid affair, in Becker’s beautifully photographed, expertly acted, and thoroughly compelling fatalistic gem. Iain.Stott