The Other Side of the Underneath (1972)

Feature Film
Writer/Director: Jane Arden
Cinematographers: Jack Bond, Aubrey Dewar
Composers: Sally Minford, The Continuum
Cast: Sheila Allen, Susanka Fraey, Liz Danciger, Ann Lynn, Penny Slinger, Jane Arden, Sally Minford, Jenny Moss, Liz Kustow, Rosie Marcham, Elaine Donovan, Bill Deasey

Jane Arden and the rest of The Holocaust Theatre Company’s adaptation of their play The Holocaust (1970) is an incredibly visceral, feminist primal scream of a movie, which – set in an asylum, painfully following the treatment of a group of schizophrenic women – veers unpredictably from an exhilarating to a downright agonising yet never less than vital viewing experience. Iain.Stott