Money (2010)

Cautiously Recommended
Television Film
Director: Jeremy Lovering
Writers: Tom Butterworth, Chris Hurford, Martin Amis
Cinematographer: Ben Smithard
Composer: Daniel Pemberton
Cast: Nick Frost, Vincent Kartheiser, Emma Pierson, Amanda Abbington, Tim Pigott-Smith, Peter Wight, Oliver Cotton, Tamsin Egerton, Joshua Dallas, Jerry Hall, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Tony Way

At the request of a suave young producer, an indulgent, perma-drunk ads director goes to New York to make his first feature film, and proceeds to consume great amounts of food, booze, and pornography; but a series of mysterious, abusive phone calls look set to threaten his extravagant lifestyle, in this stylish and well acted (particularly by Kartheiser) if never entirely convincing BBC adaptation of Martin Amis’s acclaimed novel. Iain.Stott