7th Heaven (1927)

Feature Film
Director: Frank Borzage
Writers: Benjamin Glazer, H.H. Caldwell, Katherine Hilliker, Austin Strong
Cinematographers: Ernest Palmer, Joseph A. Valentine
Cast: Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ben Bard, Albert Gran, David Butler, Marie Mosquini, Emile Chautard

Chico, a cocky sewer worker who aspires to be a street cleaner, against his better judgement, takes pity on an abused waif, taking her into his home, and – again against his better judgement – gradually falls in love with her, but thoughts of living happily ever after must be put on hold when war rears its ugly head, in Borzage’s well crafted though unconvincingly plotted romance, which benefits greatly from Gaynor’s very affecting performance. Iain.Stott