Late Autumn (1960)

Highly Recommended
Feature Film
Original Title: 秋日和
Director: Ozu Yasujirō
Writers: Noda Kōgo, Ozu Yasujirō, Satomi Ton
Cinematographer: Atsuta Yūharu
Composer: Saitō Kojun
Cast: Hara Setsuko, Tsukasa Yōko, Okada Mariko, Sada Keiji, Kuwano Miyuki, Mikami Shinichirō, Saburi Shin, Ryū Chishū

With gorgeously expressive mise en scène and some delightful performances, Ozu’s gently funny film follows the progress of three middle-aged friends as they conspire to find a suitable husband for the 24-year-old daughter of a deceased friend of theirs; but when she proves unenthusiastic, they shift their attentions to her mother, from whom the young woman appears reluctant to depart. Iain.Stott