NY-Lon (2004)

Television Mini-Series
Directors: Otto Bathurst, Keith Boak, Anya Camilleri
Writers: Simon Burke, Anya Camilleri
Cinematographers: Dick Dodd, Kevin Rowley, Peter Sinclair
Composer: Hal Lindes
Cast: Rashida Jones, Stephen Moyer, Rachel Miner, Navin Chowdhry, David Clayton Rogers, Emily Corrie, Christine Adams, James Bird

Two mismatched young lovers – he, an unpredictable investment banker from a south London working class family, with a set of traditional East-End values; she, a sensible, principled part-time employee of a small, independent record store, hiding away from her middle-class upbringing in New York, who also works as a night school literacy teacher for the city’s have-nots – serendipitously meet in a bar and spark up an intense long-distance relationship, which sees the pair regularly jetting across the Atlantic for hot sex and copious arguments, in this charismatically acted and vaguely flashy yet deceptively layered mini-series. Iain.Stott