Freefall (2009)

Television Film
Writer/Director: Dominic Savage
Cinematographer: Ben Smithard
Composer: Rupert Gregson Williams
Cast: Dominic Cooper, Aidan Gillen, Joseph Mawle, Anna Maxwell Martin, Rosamund Pike, Riz Ahmed, Alfie Allen, Sarah Harding, Charlie Creed-Miles

Savage’s thoughtful, sensuous, and terribly moving BBC drama takes a mournful look at the credit crunch through the eyes of three disparate men: Gus, a doleful investment banker whose life outside of his job has slowly disappeared; Dave, an amoral mortgage broker who has made a small fortune through selling discount mortgages to people that he knows can’t possibly afford them; and Jim, a security guard with a young family, who is perfectly content with his lot until his old school friend Dave convinces him to buy a fancy new house with one of his discount mortgages. Iain.Stott