Being Human (2009-)

Television Series
Creator: Toby Whithouse
Cast: Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Sinead Keenan, Jason Watkins, Donald Sumpter, Lyndsey Marshal

Being Human is a thoroughly entertaining series, following the misadventures of three housemates – a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost – as they do their very best to be seen as human, blending metaphors old and new, comedy and drama, and reality and fantasy.

Series 1 (2009)
A vampire and a werewolf move into new house together and discover that its murdered former tenant still lives there, and the three soon become good friends, helping each other as they attempt to retain/regain their humanity, in this thoroughly entertaining first series, a deft mix of comedy, drama, and horror.

Series 2 (2010)
Mitchell finds himself making more compromises than he would like, when he takes it upon himself to lead Bristol’s vampire community in the wake of Herrick’s death; whilst George’s complicated love life ensures that his continuing battle with his inner wolf is never as under control as he would like to think; and Annie finds herself feeling increasingly disconnected from the world around her, as she once again loses her corporeal form, in this highly entertaining and occasionally brilliant if slightly uneven second series.

Series 3 (2011)
Encounters with 46-year-old teenaged vampires, WAG zombies, father and son werewolves, dead dads, and returned-from-the-grave vampires ensure that the lives of Mitchell, George, Annie, and Nina are anything but uneventful, as they attempt to deal with romances and pregnancies, new and unexpected, in this entertainingly unpredictable third series. Iain.Stott