Dolphin Boy (2011)

Feature Documentary
Original Title: דולפין
Writer/Directors: Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir
Cinematographers: Uri Ackerman, Yoav Kleinman, Yaron Levison, Yonatan Nir
Composer: Issar Shulman

Despite an occasionally intrusive and manipulative score and the rather hackneyed sight of a doctor sat at his computer typing away (superimpositions and all) as he explains the case to us, Menkin and Nir’s film proves to be an affecting and uplifting one, capturing a father’s intense love for his son, as it follows (over the course of four years) the progress of Morad, a teenaged boy left in a dissociative state after a severe beating, as he gradually learns to live again thanks to the healing powers of dolphin therapy. Iain.Stott