Last Night (1998)

Feature Film
Writer/Director: Don McKellar
Cinematographer: Douglas Koch
Composers: Alexina Louie, Alex Pauk
Cast: Don McKellar, Sandra Oh, Callum Keith Rennie, Geneviève Bujold, David Cronenberg, Roberta Maxwell, Robin Gammell, Sarah Polley, Trent McMullen, Michael McMurtry

With his world already feeling like it had ended a few months earlier with the death of his wife, Patrick Wheeler wants nothing more than to sit alone and honour her memory as the actual end of the world approaches, but a stranded stranger (who, herself, wants nothing more than to get home to her husband) soon has him reluctantly changing his plans, whilst his family and friends take their own personal journeys towards oblivion, in McKellar’s affecting, nuanced, metaphor-laden feature directorial debut. Iain.Stott